Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whack a Taoiseach

I made this just around the time  the government decided to spend a week announcing we don't need a bailout and then promptly  took a huge bailout loan.
I was looking for a game Idea and figured why not make something for people to vent some anger into?

The game features the faces of both Cowen and Bertie, I used at the time to turn the images into PNG's with some areas being transparent, The hole in the background is the one left by the undeveloped Chicago spire, the fist image is mine.

For time between Christmas and some of January this game surprised me, while its use has dropped of a lot it was briefly being used about 1000 times a day assuming admobs reporting  is accurate.

The game wasn't without errors of course,luckily a friend led me to the android clock function which allowed me to make the speed a bit more consistent across multiple devices,and i spent some time trying to figure out gesture detection.

And im currently still dealing with an error that crops up if the user quickly leaves and try's to start another round of the game, hopefully AsyncTask will allow me to fix this.

An image of the menu here with different difficulty settings.

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