Thursday, 16 February 2012

Semi-Complete Network Trainer for my FYP

GTK Gui i have built for getting images and setting up and training classifiers using  the Neural Network
functions built into OpenCV's Machine Learning library.

It needs to be more adequately  labelled, i think.

I also had some trouble with GTK spinner boxes which required repeatedly recasting the objects as (GTKSpinnerButton *) to (GTKWidget *) just to get them functioning together.

Complete pre-christmas games project

The Final Version of the Physics project done for my Game Engines one assignment, a partial success as i passed and got most features working e.g. rotating thrusters.

However the camera does not follow the  "VTOL" well.   And the aircraft is completely useless ,unless you consider tumbling into the sky in particular direction a decent way to get from place to place.