Friday, 22 April 2011

A sounboard.....

Im going to mention this application despite being thoroughly disappointed in its quality after putting it out, it was the first app to cause me a real headache in creating for many reason.

The application was intended to be a blank soundboard which users can record onto themselves for the creation of custom soundboards,the result though basically functional is not as graceful as i had wanted.

1. it has a lot of buttons which makes it absolutely enraging to use on a small device like a phone and quite ugly.

2. It was the first application i made using multiple activities which took me a while to get right.

3.Most soundboards can play multiple sounds simultaneously the only consequences  being that  it doesn't sound to great, my soundboard can only play one sound at a time, attempting to play another sound will knock of what ever is currently playing before it starts to play, i had attempted to get more than one MediaPlayer  working simultaneously but this only led to crashes.

Above is the main activity screen which allows a user to record/playback sounds stored at each button the horrific panel  i created  is running in an emulator , anyone with fingers larger that that of a small child will  find it impossible to use.

This screen is the secondary activity i added, its a ListView of all the sounds and allows the user to to set sounds and can be used to set a recorded sound as the ring tone for the phone via android.settings , it also makes use of the alert dialog to inform the user when they have set the tone, as you can see having just the numbers in those spaces on the left of the screen makes very inefficient use of the screen space, it also takes a while to scroll the whole thing.

From doing this app i have learned(apart from the use of mediarecorder and mediaplayer)  that Gui design and foresight is important to say the least, regardless of how many amazing features or function an application has , if the interface is bad it may as well not work.

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